The protection of health is a concern for everyone.

Data dell’Airtum (Italian Association of Cancer Registries) reported as Sicily share with other regions of the South a lower incidence of tumors, but unfortunately more related mortality.

Among the main reasons for this difference in mortality, there is the diagnostic delay, related to poor adherence to the culture of prevention and screening, leading to the discovery of cancer in a later stage, subject to less effective treatments. Cancer prevention is not just the abolition of smoking (without which, for example, there would be 80% of lung cancers that we see now); much remains to be done to take action on other important aspects of daily life (eg. power, abuse of alcohol, physical activity) that can affect the onset of tumors.

Medicare Onlus is engaged in social supporting material, psychological and family of cancer patients and promotes health through information campaigns aimed at raising public awareness and dissemination of the culture of prevention.