According to recent estimates dell’Airtum (Italian Association of Cancer Registries), in Italy continues to grow the cancer survival, but unfortunately at different speeds.

In the South, in fact, survival is 10.4% lower (in relation to different types of cancer) than the rest of Italy. These important differences can recognize a number of reasons including: the delay in diagnosis that results in the recognition of the disease in a more advanced stage; inequalities in access to diagnostic and therapeutic; insufficient quality of services for diagnosis and treatment provided; reduced introduction of models of multidisciplinary treatment.

The goal of Medicare non-profit organization is to collect and invest (from the South) physical resources and materials, useful for the improvement of care to cancer patients, its quality of life, functional rehabilitation, social work and family, as well as the spread in the healthy population of the culture of prevention in oncology.


Medicare Onlus was born in Sicily and the south, but the ambition to spread in the countries of south-eastern Mediterranean basin is already described in its name.