Tumors in Sicily: Learn to prevent Traveling exhibition

The exhibition on cancer prevention and health promotion is represented by the realization of a project: display panels; a paper guide practice; a guide in e-book format. The exhibition has itinerant character and was inaugurated in November 2013 at the Mall Ipercoop – Le Zagare. It will be further moved at public and private institutions that request them.

The exhibition promotes physical activity and Mediterranean diet as factors that can lower the risk of developing cancer and other diseases. It ‘should also be noted that the promotion of the Mediterranean diet, declared intangible heritage of UNESCO, leading to enhancement of many of the typical products of the agribusiness sector in Sicily, characterized by recognized and preventive properties such as citrus, fresh vegetables (no Region d’ Italy has a long growing season as well as that of Sicily), olive oil, wines high in protective substances (most notably resveratrol), typical legumes (lentils of Pantelleria), prickly pears, blue fish, meat beef, processed products of wheat.

The contents of the exhibition are the same as those contained in the “Practical Guide” which should be referred to the description, with the cartoons of Salvo Di Fazio and photographs by Paolo Barone.


Giuseppe Banna, oncologist; Francesco Cazzaniga, communications expert; Peter Giuffrida, pharmacologist and toxicologist; Sonia La Spina, psycho-oncologist; Helga Lipari, oncologist.


“La Sicilia”; ABCom, communications agency; any agri-almentari Sicilians. That initiative has been sent application for funding in relation to a notice on Productive Activities of the Region of Sicily.