Beauty lessons with Marella e Maurizio.

The event aims to create a campaign to raise awareness of women undergoing chemotherapy. At the XVI National Congress AIOM, Merck Sharp & Dohme  distributes for free Medicare Onlus a video on DVD “Lessons of beauty: makeup, painting and scarves: the secrets to your femininity”, video tutorials made by our staff with the participation of the designer Marella Ferrera and the make-up artist Maurizio Calcagno secrets to keep the best femininity, despite the side effects that the treatment can cause. Link to the article here: NO NAUSEA or: REPUBBLICA

A press conference was held on the initiative November 17, 2014 at the AO Cannizzaro Catania, with the presence of the General Management of the Company represented by Dott. Paolo Cantaro, with demonstrations stylistic performed for patients Unit Oncology by Marella Ferrera and Maurizio Calcagano, that we thank.

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Giuseppe Banna, oncologist; Sonia La Spina, psycho-oncologist; Helga Lipari, oncologist.