Medicare in Motion.

The event has as its objective the creation of an information campaign on health promotion and cancer prevention through increasing awareness of young people and families with physical activity and the promotion of sport as a key factor in lowering the risk of develop tumors. In fact, the sedentary lifestyle associated with poor dietary habits play an unfavorable role in the onset of cancer and other diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Physical activity, practiced continually, it is an important factor that can reduce mortality and morbidity due to overweight and obesity.

The inauguration event was held at PalaLivatino Cannizzaro Catania, with an exhibition of panels of our “Traveling Exhibition” together with the sporting event Dai-ki Dojo, Winter Cup 2013. It will be attempted over the following years to extend the event in most sporting events possible.



Francesco Cazzaniga, entrepreneur and expert in marketing and communication; Giuseppe Banna, oncologist; Sonia La Spina, psycho-oncologist; Helga Lipari, oncologist.


Public and private organizations, sports clubs to identify.