Presentation of the book “The Lifeguard and Samurai”.

Presentation of the book “The Lifeguard and Samurai. Biomedical research in Italy: a wasted opportunity “of Silvio Monfardini and Daniela Minerva. Preface by Ignazio Marino.

The book deals with the causes of Italian big business from the pharmaceutical world, identifying who has led the country out of the elite of science and modernity, why all this impoverishes us and bad for your health.
Montedison, Farmitalia, the centers of cancer research. Political interests, bribes and so much waste. One of the most controversial chapters of recent Italian history.
Daniela Minerva is in charge of the pages sciences, medicine and health care for the Espresso.
Silvio Monfardini, Oncologist, is one of the leading cancer research.
It will be an opportunity for discussion and debate among academics involved in the topic the subject of the book and professionalism in the area.
Are there interventions: Francesco Basile, President of the School Faculty of Medicine, University of Catania; Ferdinando Nicoletti, Director of the Postgraduate School of Oncology, University of Catania; Francesco Di Raimondo, Director of Clinical Hematology of the University Hospital of Catania; Roberto Bordonaro, UOC Director of Medical Oncology dell’ARNAS Garibaldi-Nesima Catania; Carmelo Iacono, President of the Foundation AIOM (Italian Association of Medical Oncology); Nuccio Sciacca, Journalist.

They were also invited to participate representatives of social, scientific and entrepreneurial present in Sicily. Room: Choir of Night – Benedictine Monastery, Catania