Presentation of the book “The Male treatable”: science, medicine and brain drain.

In volume, the journalist from Catania is in the role of the science journalist for a journey into the Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Houston, Texas, headed by mathematician Mauro Ferrari.

“With chemotherapy – he explains the scientist – just a cell medicine reaches the target of 100,000. We launch tiny multistage missiles similar to those used in the space program, loads of drugs that center only cancer cells without disperse toxic substances in the body.”

Conductor with Chiara Giallonardo of “Radio2days” on Radio 2, Cucuzza has published several essays, including But the sky is always blue (Editori Riuniti 2006), the boys committed against the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, and Under 40 (Donzelli 2007), biographies of successful youth.The evening, organized by the Medicare non-profit organization, will be an opportunity to talk about medicine, science, research, brain drain, economy: will speak in a conference call from the United States of America Mauro Ferrari (“author” of the studies recorded in the book, president and CEO of the Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Houston and director of the Program of the United States on nanomedicine for cancer), with which besides Cucuzza will discuss Joseph Banna (oncologist), Antonio Perdichizzi (President of Confindustria Young Catania), Marco Romano (President of the Science and Technology Park of Sicily), Peter Giuffrida (President of Medicare Onlus). Attended by Mayor of Catania Raffaele Stancanelli, the Councillor for Culture of the Province of Catania Roger Race and the regional president of the Young Confindustria Silvio Ontario. To moderate the meeting, the journalist Eva Spampinato.