Thursday, May 12, 2016 our non-profit organization was invited to an evening at the Rotary Club Catania North who worked to organize an evening on the realities associational Catania.

Of the Board and staff took part: Dr. Giuseppe Banna, member of the Board, lawyer. Giuseppe Petino, member of the Board, Stefania Cicala, Secretary, Dr. Serena Cubisino, biologist nutritionist, dr. Mirko Tomasino, coordinator

Medicare non-profit organization has been invited to present the activities and projects involving the association. Dr. Giuseppe Banna presented an overview of the activities focusing on the shuttle “MedicareBus” Ms Stefania Cicala has exposed about wigs project “MEDIchair” and welcome home “Casa Lina”, Dr. Serena Cubisino on the draft nutritional counseling “Nutricare” while the findings have been entrusted to dr. Mirko Tomasino who reported on preventive screening activities undertaken by the non-profit organization.